Little tips and tricks for patients with diabetes

There are many reasons behind type 2 diabetes including lifestyle but is mostly the result of genetics. Upon the diagnosis of this chronic health condition it is better to make some serious diet and exercise goals. These goals need to be simple and small rather than outrageous. There are several practitioners who encourage diabetic patients to go though several over the top goals like losing excessive weight, but these are actually unnecessary. Several experts have remarked that those suffering from type 2 diabetes need to make small and effective changes in their diet and exercise regimes, and nothing huge making it difficult to sustain.

Exercising on a regular basis is an integral part for all diabetic patients. However, most people often tend to overestimate the amount of physical exercise they need to perform on a regular basis. Exercising is healthy but anything done more than the required quantity is never beneficial. If exercising was never a part of your daily routine try not to stress your body and mind by spending hours in the gym. It will only lead to feeling exhausted and worn out. Plan out an exercise routine, and write it down and if you are feeling confused do consult a health instructor from a medical field.

Just be conscious and careful of what you eat:

Another important thing diabetic patients strictly need to ignore is dining out in restaurants and food joints. Even if you make healthy food choices in such eateries, most of the items are high in fat, have lots of calories and have large portions. Several researches conducted over the years have proven eating in restaurants on a regular basis does encourage radical weight gain. Making your own lunch or eating the food prepared at home means you are well aware of the ingredients being used and have a control on the portions. Even if you have a busy schedule and do not have the required time to make your own food, at least start with twice a week. You will slowly start witnessing the change in your diet regime. Making healthy options is also necessary, like if you feel the urge of grabbing a drink go for a coffee with low fat milk instead of a fat filled latte. And yes, do keep a distance from slow killing alcoholic beverages.

Diabetes is actually a death sentence and this serious disease demands utmost attention. Ignorance will have several short term consequences like extreme high blood glucose levels. Over time, the changing glucose levels will lead to damage in kidneys, heart, eyes, blood vessels and nervous system. Even pre-diabetic patients have to suffer from to suffer from several health issues like retinopathy. Managing the glucose level will help preventing serious complications like extreme weight gain, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Clinical studies have proven that losing a small amount of weight and keeping it off is also beneficial for diabetic patients. Recent studies conducted in reputed institutions have also proven that using glucose lowering drugs reduce micro vascular complications which affect nervous system, kidneys and eyes.