Taking Care Of Your Feet

Who can deny, they get us everywhere and yet we don’t really feel for them. They carry our body weight and let us do so many things, but we usually don’t give them the due importance. It is definitely our feet that help us get across, gives us so much and yet receive so little attention. It’s a common understanding that we take it for granted and assume they are with us and can look after on their own.

In fact with modern living, we actually put our feet through much more than our previous generations did. We do put them through a hard time in high heels and we smother them inside socks and such. In spite of that it is our feet that do an amazing array of things not just bear our body weight and take us places. Taking care of your feet and giving them a little workout and basically attention could do wonders. 

They do deserve a little care:

One of the most important factors is choosing the correct shoe, because good shoes protect your feet. That simple factor can go a long way in keep your feet in healthy condition. Apart from that there are a few other things that can contribute to your having a good healthy and dependable pair. Just merely washing your feet with regularity can do wonders to them, all you need to do is wash them well. Of course washing them does means scrubbing them to keep clean of any build up of dirt-grime. When feet get sweaty inside the socks that is a possibility and that creates a very unhealthy situation for your feet.

This action also will make you feel various parts of the feet to ensure there are no nick or cuts and soft spots. If there is pain in any part, it deserves a little attention and could save you a lot of trouble in the future by treating them in time. Cleaning with just plain soap and water is just great, there’s no need for any special cleaning agent for the task.

Give them a little love:

Once that part is over with, remember to dry them with a soft towel and that’s when you can feel the difference. They will radiate a clean look, appear soft and supple and glowing, but there’s a little more left to be done. Remember, after the cleaning with the soap, the skin on your feet does become dry and devoid of moisture on the skin surface. Therefore, the next step is to moisturise it with a little cream of your choice. Nothing special, all you need is just a basic cream that you need to massage into the top, below the sole, on the fingers and around them. They will now be looking back at you with a smile and probably say thank you if they could speak back.

There’s another positive effect to this simple regime and that is you get to feel your feet and look at them closely to see things not visible earlier. When people have diabetes, people loose sensation in their feet, which can lead to complications later on. Cleaning your feet as a part of regular routine will help you identify issues such as nicks and cuts which haven’t healed up after a few days. That is when you need to consult a doctor to look more closely. A little foot care can take you places for certain.