Natural ways to improve liver function

The liver performs several important functions like controlling your body’s metabolism, deactivating hormones and detoxifying drugs and toxins. The liver is the largest gland in the body and therefore, proper liver function is essential for overall health of a person. Here are some natural ways to improve liver function:

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

Anti-inflammatory foods help fight off free radicals that can damage the liver. They help promote the secretion of liver enzyme to help the body detoxify and remove toxins. High-fiber foods that are low in sugar are essential for supporting liver function. High amount of antioxidant and fiber can reverse liver damage and disease. Anti-inflammatory foods include leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, fresh herbs, high-antioxidant fruits, raw honey, coconut oil, sour foods, garlic, lemon etc.

Prepare your food properly

How you prepare your food also has an effect on the way your liver functions. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the process of preparation. Over-cooked, charred food has anti-nutrients, which are natural toxins. Your liver is under extra stress when you consume anti-nutrients such as uncooked or un-sprouted grains, seeds and legumes, and refined carbohydrates. To avoid charring and carcinogens, cook food at low heat and store it safely in non-plastic, BPA free containers.

Go organic.

Organic food is chemical-free and is produced without using toxins, antibiotics and synthetic hormones – stuff that makes liver work hard to break it down. Eating organic food might help reduce the stress on your liver. It may not always be feasible or possible to eat organic foods but try to find organic variants of foods that are known to have high levels of chemicals – like apples, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes etc.

Reduce Stress

Stress has an effect on the whole body. When we are stressed, the body releases cortisol, which can damage blood vessels and organs over time. Additionally, stress triggers an inflammatory response that can further harm the liver. Trying stress releasing technique like meditation, yoga or exercise can help in boosting liver function.


A healthy weight plays an important role in liver function. Exercising can help you maintain the right weight. When fat begins to permeate the liver, fatty liver diseases may develop. These reduced liver functioning significantly and can progress into fibrosis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. It is important to exercise regularly to reduce fat so that it does not accumulate and impairs liver function.

Following these natural ways can help improve liver function. Over time, incorporating these habits and making small lifestyle changes can help support your liver health.