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  • Vista Nutritions Grape Seed Extract Plus

    Vista Nutritions Grape Seed Extract Plus

    Dietary Supplement Vista Nutrition’s Grape Seed Extract Plus provides a rich source of natural antioxidants and contains grape seed extract in combination with bilberry extract complement this full-spectrum blend of bioflavonoids. Antioxidants help strengthen blood vessels and support the function of the eyes and immune system.

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    Special Price Rs805.00

  • Vista Nutritions Vitamin B-100 Complex

    Vista Nutritions Vitamin B-100 Complex

    Supports healthy cholesterol levels and increased energy levels. Promotes joint health. Contributes to an overall sense of well-being. 

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    Special Price Rs385.00

  • Vista Nutritions Astaxanthin 6 mg

    Vista Nutritions Astaxanthin 6 mg

    Astaxanthin studies have shown that not only is it a super antioxidant, but it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It appears to have potential benefits for acid reflux and macular degeneration, provides vascular benefits, and lessens oxidative stress and inflammation. It enhances and strengthens the immune system and decreases DNA damage.

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    Special Price Rs1,786.00

  • Vista Nutritions Vitamin-D  Calcium

    Vista Nutritions Vitamin-D Calcium

    •     Vista Nutrition’s Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D  
    •     Promotes healthy teeth, bones and muscle. Also helps boost the immune system and energy levels. 
    •     How does Vista Nutrition’s Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D work?

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    Regular Price: Rs840.00

    Special Price Rs588.00

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